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Crib divider??

Okay, my original thought is to have the babies in the same crib in our room at first. There is no space for two and I can't afford to spend money on double bassinets and things that will only,be usable for a few months if I can help it. Anyway, I was looking at crib dividers and I am only seeing these big chunky things and I can't help but think that if you shouldn't use crib bumpers because babies can't breath through them, how can this be okay...... I haven't seen any crib dividers that are made of mesh I guess cuz they are too floppy? Or does one say, forget the divider and just let them run into each other. Of course at first they should be swaddled and not going anywhere. I think I might be overthinking again. :p
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Re: Crib divider??

  • We had two cribs from the get go. One in our room for the first 10 weeks, they were swaddled and together. Then in their own cribs in their own room from then on. We transitioned to sleep sacks around then and did that for a few more weeks. They both seemed to sleep so much better when we had them in their own cribs. 

    Ikea has some great, very reasonably priced cribs. 
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  • We had all three side by side in a PNP for the first few weeks. Then moved them to separate beds in their own room once they were bigger and started moving a bit.
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  • You could always use 1 crib and 1 PNP.  We moved our twins to their own room at 4 weeks.
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