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Attachment Parenting

Busy mom but would like to use some "Attachment Parenting".

I'm going to be a busy mom. I might go back to work a year after birth but will go back to school three months after birth. Even when I'll only be a part time student I'm looking into ways that I could use some of the Attachment Parenting even as busy as I might become?

Re: Busy mom but would like to use some "Attachment Parenting".

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  • Seconding PPs. I went back to work 4 days/week at 3m, and I think I'm still pretty AP! Things that worked really well for us are BFing and baby wearing (can't deal with a stroller on the subway at rush hour!), but we rarely co-sleep. If pressed, I'd just say remember that AP is a philosophy, not a checklist - as PP noted, it's about you, and YOUR baby. So don't stress out :)
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  • Thank you! I'm so happy that it seems that you believe that mixing parenting styles is good. I hope to baby carry at home mostly because I'll be able to be there but also study. I think I'll stick around the message board.
  • I've spent many hours breastfeeding my son while working on the computer, or carrying him in the ergo bouncing on an exercise ball while on the computer. AP can actually be quite handy for us busy moms!
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