C section Incision Exudatuon

Anyone else dealing or have dealt with this? I have been leaking like a faucet for two days now and there seem to be no end in sight. My ob assures me it is normal.

Re: C section Incision Exudatuon

  • I had leaking, and I developed a yeast infection in that area which completely sucked.  Make sure you are keeping the area dry.  You may want to put some gauze along the area that is leaking, so it can be absorbed, and change it frequently.  I found the Band-Aid type with the plastic like stuff on it was best, so it didn't get stuck to the incision.  GL! 

    **DD1 - 7/9/98**

    **DS - 11/9/00**

    **DD2 - 4/30/13**

  • Some leaking can be normal. Just keep it clean and dry. But keep your ob informed and go in if you are concerned. I had an increase in bleeding from the incision after I left the hospital and had to have another surgery to evacuate a large hematoma and infection.
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