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What's on the menu for the S13 babies today?

krose0713krose0713 member
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We're all always looking for new food ideas, so what are the kiddos eating today?

We aren't on the "she eats what we eat" train yet, and she still loves purées, so our menu may not be all that inspiring:

Breakfast: she had fresh nectarines (her fave) and yogurt (stoneyfield farm plain with some purée mixed in for flavor)

Lunch: purée veggie

dinner: edamame beans and probably a purée meat

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Re: What's on the menu for the S13 babies today?

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    LO is at daycare and she'll be having her regular bottles, carrot/banana puree, and green bean, pea and pear puree. I still haven't decided what dinner will be but she'll more than likely want what we are eating.

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    Breakfast : peach purée mixed with oatmeal
    Lunch: blueberry yogurt and puffs
    Dinner: meat/veggie purée and pieces of banana. Extra veggie purée if still hungry.
    I am slso not in the she eats what we eat camp even though she has 7 teeth. Still too worried at this age!

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    jlp0528jlp0528 member
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    We are like @jojo1112‌ at an in between point on Purees and table good as she'll eat some table foods but show no interest in others.

    Breakfast: oatmeal with strawberry apple sauce mixed in. She ate some of my toast with butter and pineapple jam.

    Lunch: a fruit and veggie pouch and probably some puffs or Trader Joe O's.

    Dinner: a purée meal and some of my food probably.

    Eta: she still nurses about 4 times a day. I said I was ready to wean totally but it kinda makes me sad and I think I would miss the snuggle time.

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    FTM to my sweetpea Miss D.

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    @drey1028‌ thanks for detailing the type of cheese but I would like more details on the "skin" :)

    I can't figure out the auto correct translation for that one :)
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    And it was even funnier followed by your comment needing to cook up some meat.
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    She's at daycare so for breakfast she has oatmeal/dried apples/cinnamon. Lunch is chicken and veggie soup - puree. A couple of blueberry pancakes for a 5pm snack. And tonight she's having lentils that i made last night and mashed beet/potato (also made last night). So it's a mix of purees and little bite stuff. 
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    RedDDDRedDDD member
    my little turd wont eat purees anymore so she is eating mostly everything my 2 year old is eating.  Yesterday she ate fish sticks, tomatoes, she loves the 5 bean salad from Costco (beauty is the beans are super soft with the exception of the chickpeas), and blueberries.  I just bite the blueberries in half and she slams them!
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    Breakfast - banana and avacado slices, puffs. Lunch - cauliflower purée, sweet potato purée, carrot sticks a peas. Snack - apple sauce. Dinner - haven't gotten there yet. Last night it was avacado, carrot sticks, spaghetti in 1" pieces with roasted bell pepper diced up and a squirt of veggie pouch. 1/2 a pouch for mango for dessert. I really need to start feeding her meat. I bought organic chicken thighs last night and will BBQ them up tonight. I'll try slicing some into thin strips then wil do a veggie/ chicken purée and a chicken fruit purée. Currently looking up recipes for that.
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    @starscream‌ I have an issue with the jarred meat too (though I do the organic veggie/meat pouches). What's even more disgusting are the gerber meat sticks, just sitting there in nasty meat water, gag.

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    @starscream and @krose0713 - same issue with anything meat that's processed and jarred or pouched. That's why i either buy organic meat and make it or she doesn't get meat. If i want a quick protein, i make her tofu thingys (e.g., stir fry tofu, tofu mashed with banana, etc). 
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    Breakfast - prunes with carrots purée

    Dinner - nectarines and purple cauliflower purée with oatmeal cereal.

    We don't do lunch yet
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    Breakfast: Banana mashed into oatmeal and puffs

    Lunch: carrot, squash, chickpea puree and puffs

    Dinner: cottage cheese, watermelon, teething cracker

    I'm also on the list for being scared to death of LO choking. DH and I joke that LO will eat purees til she's in kindergarten. I need to really work on getting her (and us) comfortable eating finger foods.
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    Mostly breastmilk.
     He had sweet potatoes mixed with prunes for lunch 
    He will have a spinach and pear pouch with a teething biscuit for dinner
     We go to the allergist Monday. Until then this is about it.
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    Today was a mostly nursing day since I was off. Here's what I'll pack for tomorrow:

    Morning: yogurt (organic whole milk plain yogurt with a little pouch mixed in for flavor/sweetness). Maybe a few sprinkles of oatmeal mixed in the yogurt.

    Afternoon: blueberries, steamed purple carrots, maybe a little banana rolled in popped amaranth.

    Evening: chicken makhani and rice or naan

    I'm trying to get better about sending/offering food. I've only been giving a few bites a day and started trying to do a lot better a couple days ago.



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    Today, LO had:

    Breakfast - Plum Organics pouch (Raspberries, spinach & greek yogurt)

    Snack - Puffs & a few bites of banana

    Dinner - Lightly mashed sweet potato with butter, yogurt & prune puree 

    I'm trying to get better about introducing more finger foods/table foods.
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    Breakfast - oatmeal, and slices of mango and kiwi
    Lunch - we were out so I gave her some of my turkey club sandwich and fries and she had puffs while we waited
    Snack - apple sauce
    Dinner - steak, yam, broccoli and cauliflower
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    B - half a scrambled egg, three bites of a hashbrown patty, 1/6th of an avocado, and two segments of mandarin orange

    L - (hasn't happened, so I don't know how much she will eat) spinach, brown rice, dal

    D - (hasn't happened, she may or may not be awake when we have dinner) mashed potatoes, broccoli, vegan chicken
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    B - cereal with some sweet potato puree

    L - shredded chicken and steamed peas

    D - cubed peaches and leftover shredded chicken.

    Snack - A slice of hard Italian bread. Too hard for him to tear a piece off and choke. He sucked on it for 45 minutes before it became pure mush and then finally gobbled it down.
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    Breakfast-baby stoneyfield Apple cinnamin organic yogurt
    Lunch-oatmeal with banana puree and a few little pieces of Daddy's hamburger
    Dinner-Chicken Noodle puree and pear puree
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