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Is anyone still around? Bedtime question

So DS has never been good at going to bed but we had about a month stretch where we could tuck him in (he's in a twin bed, no rails) and tell him it was time to go to sleep and he just would! It was great! As much as I enjoyed it, I told myself that it was likely a good phase, as everything seems to be.

Well for about a week, he was getting out of bed repeatedly and we'd just continue to put him back until he gave up. The last week or so, we're doing the same thing, and now he's staying in bed, but he's spending an hour (on and off) screaming before going to sleep!

He's still taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, usually 12-2ish. My only thought is maybe he doesn't need a nap and isn't tired at bedtime? Or maybe, like everything else, this is a phase that will eventually resolve itself?

Any thoughts?
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Re: Is anyone still around? Bedtime question

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    We do tell him that! In fact we encourage him to pick a few of his favourite cars to bring to bed every night! When he was going to sleep well he'd play with them for a little while. That's partly why we're so stumped! I've even told him he doesn't have to go to sleep but has to stay in his room.

    DH says he can "relate" and that he felt the same way as a kid: Didn't want to be told what to do or when to go to bed. He wants to try and talk to DS about sleep being good and that he'll feel better when he wakes up, etc. I, however, do not see my two year old as a rational being. Ha!

    I think we'll give it a week and see where we stand!

    On another note, how big is your DD now? I remember she was so tiny!
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  • Hey ladies! Good to see some action here. If maybe this is a power struggle, can you say: time to go to your room, you can play quietly and lay down/ call us when you are ready to sleep?
    I have been asking DD to tell me when she is ready to sleep - she is still a craptastic sleeper, but she can communicate well.
    Regarding the naps, your DS probably still needs them. Most kids do until they are 3.
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  • DS isn't good about bedtime either, we have a routine - bath, milk, tv and while the tv is on he calms down and falls asleep but some nights are better than others. Have you tried letting him wind down that way?


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