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Hi. My daughter was born on 11/23/12. I love her more than anything. I am a sahm. I feel so lonely. None of my friends have kids so I don't hang out with them. I really wish I had more friends with kids. 

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  • Hey there - i think that's a common feeling for moms who are the only person they know with a toddler. Sorry to hear you are lonely.

    We don't post much here anymore, but we get some traffic. Responses to your posts my be slow as a result. The age specific boards get a lot more traffic than we do. That said, it is nice to meet you. Post and we will answer, though it might take a little while.

    Hang in there.
  • You can always join us on our"group". I can't post links from mobile, but a few posts down there should be one. :)
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  • Hello! I feel lonely sometimes too, but you should still make an effort to hang out with your friends (bring your baby or have someone babysit). I try to do it every couple of weeks and it helps.
  • Ya - that is true. Mixing the babe and non-child having friends is really important. It can be hard for people without kids to understand what this particular period is like, let alone how it feels to know you have to give yourself completely over to this developing being every minute you are together. I remember being like that. Your friends will start to get it, though, after they spend a lot more time with you and your LO at the same time.

    We've moved around a lot since LO was born. One thing that has helped me when I have isolated or overwhelmed is just getting LO out in the stroller  and going for a walk anywhere - anywhere - for 20 or 30 minutes. I've met a few people this way too. It doesn't compensate for close ties, but it helps. Is this the sort of thing you can do?


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    It's hard. My little guy is 13 years younger than his nearest cousins. So even family is hard. Most friends had kids long ago--- that's what happens when you have kids at 41. So it is difficult. I do make an effort to stay in touch and active in their lives, although it's not the same with them or my child free friends either.

    I will say I have met new ladies through my DS daycare. We chat often and are starting to set up get togethers with kids and without.

    Hang in there!
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  • It is hard to find moms if you don't already have friends that are moms. I don't. I just now reached out to some moms groups and they will be starting in Sept. I recommend trying local churches for MOPS groups, or local moms groups. Even mommy and me classes will be good to meet other moms. 
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