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Fitness Check-In (June 23-29)

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June is almost over! Time for another fitness update from y'all for this wk (yes, it is already Tues)...

@marathonmom823, still around or chilling with your new LO by now?

What's the plan this week?
What are you excited about for July?

@JudyBlume14, tag, you're it (to send out a note for next wk)!
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Re: Fitness Check-In (June 23-29)

    Wednesday - Insanity
    Thursday - step aerobics
    Friday - Insanity
    Saturday - Bodypump
    Sunday - rest
    Monday - Bootcamp
    Tuesday - Bodypump
    I'm starting PiYo (the new beachbody workout) - I'm so excited!!  I've only done it a few times before at the gym, but they don't offer it anywhere near me right now.
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    Hi everyone! Well it's been a rough start workoutwise but I'm starting to gain momentum.

    Monday - lazy day
    Tuesday - 30 min walk on tread at 11.0 incline, lift upper body
    Wednesday - 30 min run, lift lower body
    Thursday - 30 min swim (unless I don't get goggles, then it will be a run), yoga
    Friday - 30 min run, lift upper body
    Saturday - 45 min run - lift lower body
    Sunday - yoga

    Excited for July:
    Travelling in early July to SO's hometown. Going to see his family and take his son for the first time. End of July we're heading to my hometown to see my fam. 

    @JETH119 I just ordered PiYo today! I'm starting that July 7. Is that when you are starting? I'm sooo excited too. I've never done it before but definitely need more strength and flexibility. 
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  • Katie Ann arrived on Sat, 6/21 at 8:58pm. She weighed 5lb7oz and 18" long. Labor and delivery was super fast- she was born an hr after we arrived at the hospital and was out with just 2 pushes. We came home Monday and are doing great! She's a fantastic eater and has been sleeping about 2.5-3hr stretches at night.
    I managed to hit 40 miles of running last week, as I finished up with a 10.6 mile long run Saturday morning. Who knew I'd have a baby in my arms 12hrs later?!
    Went for a short walk to the park with both kids this morning- it's a mile round trip. Feeling great this time around!
    Plan for this week is lots of baby snuggles :)

    Good luck to everyone on your workouts this week!!!

    Mommy to R (8.23.11) and K (6.21.14).

    ajhambJenMel21[Deleted User]
  • @marathonmom823 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Have fun snuggling with your new baby girl!
  • @JenMel21 - yes, I'm starting July 7th!  I'm so excited - I've done the live classes a few times, but there isn't a gym near me that has them.  I haven't been able to run due to some pelvic pain (I'm 24 weeks now), so I've been doing a lot of other things, so this will be some nice variety.
  • Hi ladies - I'd love to join your fitness check-ins (pending clearance from my OB tomorrow). Do you all start on Mondays?

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