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Intro/Play Mat for Twins

Hi!  I'm kind of new here, too! I love reading everyone's posts and I feel like I have learned so much already.  My husband and I are expecting boy/girl twins October 1st and we couldn't be more excited! I am about 24 weeks along and we are starting to register for a few things ahead of the baby showers. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for play mats or play gyms that have worked with their twins? They seem so small and I don't feel like the kiddos will be able to share one for very long?  Just thought I would ask! Thanks! :)

Re: Intro/Play Mat for Twins

  • Oh, good idea! I'm not sure I would have thought to position them like that (head to head) so they each have a different view.  In my mind it was like "well, if they both can't be underneath it, they won't like it". Haha!  Who knows? They might not like one anyway. But, thanks very much!
  • Great, thanks! Now I have a couple different ones to look into.
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  • I got two different ones for my twins, that way they can switch it up!
  • AshB62 said:

    I used the same Fisher Price Rainforest play mat that I used with my singleton. They never had a problem sharing it. We used it until they were sitting up well at around 6 months old.

    Same here. My mil bought the kick and play piano for them also but I didn't find it necessary to have two play mats. That and I don't have the space.

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