Britax B-Safe and Double Snap and Go

I have a Britax B-Safe infant carrier that I used with my DD, and was hoping to just get another one for the twins. I wanted to get a DSNG but neither the Baby Trend or the Joovy Twin Roo are compatible with the B-Safe. I swear I read on here that some people have used a B-Safe with one of them but just figured out a way to get them attached. Is this possible? Has anybody done this? I live far away from all baby stores so I'd like to have some info before I make the trip to test out a stroller somewhere. Thanks!

Re: Britax B-Safe and Double Snap and Go

  • I have 2 britax b-safe car seats with a double snap and go. They don't snap in because they are narrower seats (but this was an important feature for me so i could still sit in the back seat between the seats if needed), but once strapped in, they feel very secure. We even tipped the stroller over (obviously sans babies), and the seats remained secure.
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  • I have 2 britix b safe seats and the older double snap n go and they don't even fit on the thing let alone snap.

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