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ABR Hearing Eval Q and another random question

DS failed his OAE hearing evaluation today. We know he is hearing the loud stuff, because when they put us in the room, he would look for those noises. As the sounds got quieter, he stopped noticing. The audiologist said his tympanic movement (IDK the technical term) was within normal range, but a little on the shallow side. No fluid, no obstructions. He is six months. They've set up another appointment for him to go for an ABR evaluation, which from what I understand, is more accurate. They want him to sleep the whole time, but he's not much of a napper. How long do these tests usually take? Does anyone have any tricks to keep them asleep? I know they say keep them awake for most of the night but I'm worried that if he's overtired he won't go down. I'm hoping he'll crash in the car on the drive down, but I don't know if he's going to last long after the motion stops. I know they can sedate him for it if they have to, but I'm hoping beyond hope to avoid another sedation if I can. Especially since we may have to go through it again next month for some GI stuff. I hate putting him through that. :(

My other question is if anyone has a bag they keep packed in case they have to go to the hospital quickly. In his six months, he's been to the ER four times, and admitted twice. We have an upcoming admit to the hospital's epilepsy unit for observation and EEG monitoring. I'm really considering leaving a bag packed in the back of the car in case we have to roll out of here on short notice since the hospital is over an hour away. When he's admitted I stay with him. Sometimes DD has to come along for a few hours until someone can take her to her grandmother or DH leaves. What are some things that would be a good idea to consider? I was considering (at my MIL's suggesting) scanning all his medical records onto a flash drive to take with to cut down on having to haul the 2" binder we are getting ready to "outgrow" but not sure if that's necessarily wise either.
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Re: ABR Hearing Eval Q and another random question

  • My son did a sedated hearing test (BAER, I think it was). They had me keep him up basically all night and then saw us first thing in the morning. The meds went in orally and he fell asleep in my arms. He was out like a light for the test and was very twighlighty most of the ride home. That afternoon he was an absolute bear (overtired, schedule was a hot mess). Him doing it not sedated wasn't an option for us

    No advice on the bag.

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    You need at least an hour for an ABR. I think I was in the room with the audiologist for about a hour and a half. 

    I use a 2" binder too, but We don't have a lot of ER visits and tests to keep track of....It would be a major PITA to have Nate's records on a flash drive. You would need access to a computer for the files, find the file and then a printer to print the report you want to share. We have our binder divided into specialists/body parts "eyes" "ears" "genetics" "OT" "neuro" I keep the most recent visit reports or evaluations and file to old ones in the file cabinet. I also have a zipper thing that I keep his most recent MRI disk in and his immunization passport...

    Maybe scan the stuff you think you can file and keep the flash drive in a zipper pocket?
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  • Another thing I keep is the reminder sheets for the appointments which do not need to go in the binder. It will make taxes easier and you have a record of where you went to do mileage.....
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