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Chest pain

I had a sudden pain tonight from my left arm pit straight through my left boob. It's a sharp, peircing pain that came on suddenly and lasted about 1 min. It hurt to take a deep breath so much so that I had to hold my breath for a few.and I got a little light headed bc I freaked out. I think I quickly gave myself a a panic attack. It's bee. Slightly sore ever since but I'm definately freaking out about it. As it was happening I kept thinking omg this hurts so bad, HEART ATTACK!!!!! That's why I think I got slightly light headed as in ringing ears and my vision was on its way to blacking out while I could still hear. I'm not obese but I could stand to loose about 30 pounds

Re: Chest pain

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    Call your doctor or go to an urgent care if you are afraid you're having a heart attack. From what I understand symptoms in women aren't as clear cut as in men so you might want to get checked out.

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    Sounds crazy but do you have acid reflux? My former boss had similiar symptoms that and went to the ER, and they determined it was reflux. When in doubt, get checked out!! Hope all is okay!

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    Are you nursing? I used to have sharp pains like you described when I first started.

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    I had something like this a couple months ago. Though it wasn't really a sharp pain, it was more of just a weird sensation in my armpit/arm area and since I freak out about everything, I instantly thought heart attack and then started feeling super weak and like I was going to faint. I had my first ever panic attack and it was scary! Obviously if you think it was anything more serious, go see a doctor right away.
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    @Ash1103‌, any update?
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