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Intro/babywearing questions

Hi all!! I'm almost 30 weeks with LO2. I had a small RS for DD when she was a baby, about 6 years ago. This time around I'm wanting to try wrapping and carriers. I bought an Osnaburg wrap off a swap a few months ago but it seems very long for a newborn. I believe it's a 7. Is that too long or does it matter? (I also got white latex paint on it painting dressers. Any ideas how to get that out without ruining my wrap would be greatly appreciated too!) I'm wanting to purchase another wrap, maybe something shorter and thinner and good for summer. Possibly woven, not expensive, and good for a beginner wrapper. Insight and ideas would be amazing! Oh, and what are some good front/back carries for newborns (mostly front carries)? TIA!!

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