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Twin Z or My Brest Friend Twin?

Trying to decide between the two. Which one do you ladies like better?

Re: Twin Z or My Brest Friend Twin?

  • I used the twin z. It works great for nursing! Plus it's versatile. Use it to practice sitting now.
                         My fraternal twin boys. Born Sept 2013.
  • My twins are almost 4 months, and we still use my Brest friend! I was only able to nurse for a month, but still use it to ff when they need to eat at same time!
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  • My twins are 7 months and we use the Brest friend pillow. I like it well enough. It doesn't quite tighten enough to be tight around my belly (there is a gap between the pillow and my stomach) but it doesn't really effect the nursing too much! Hope that made sense.

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