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Opinion on a DIY Handwritten Gold Necklace for My Daughter?

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Mel is in elementary school, and I think finally old enough for nicer jewelry. I found these cute necklaces: and was on the fence about buying two gold handwritten necklaces. One for me, using my daughter's handwriting for my name, and one for Mel, her name in my handwriting.

She's my rock - it's just me n her. What do you think? Are they cute? Too old for her? What about the cost?

ALSO: If you have any other ideas I could steal w/ the whole "handwritten pendant" DIY, tell me! Should I have her write both of our names out? Thx :)


Re: Opinion on a DIY Handwritten Gold Necklace for My Daughter?

  • Looked at it; is a cute idea, but am not a fan they do the loop to connect the chain to the pendant, nor of the chains they are using (they look clunky to me & I may be totally off, but to me, the smaller, more link like chains are of a nicer quality). And the cost is rather high for what I see (granted, I have not bought any gold in about 10 years so my mental estimate could be off). I have a few name necklaces, two of which were made for me by my mom. She strung premade beads on & the letters spell out my name at the center, and there is another bead on each end of my name that represents my interests. Probably cost under $15 to $30 in materials but they are in my jewerly box today. If they had broken or gotten lost, would not have been an issue.

    What about a hand painted ceramic/porcelin/polymer clay bead(s) that go through a string? making beads that either have her name letter by letter or you could probably paint her name on it. Might end up costing just as much to make in materials, but you two could do it together and make them for each other. Those pottery painting studios might have something.

    Another option, use a wood burner to write on a piece of wood, or could write on a piece of leather (and put on leather string as necklace). Would work if she's less of a girly girl.
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  • for the polymer clay option, am picturing something like the pendant here:

    or here is a discussion about painting on glass or a few other materials (only skimmed):

    or make/buy more of a rolled cylinder shape of bead that then gets painted with name and more decoration.

    For the leather idea, this is the closest thing I could find online. Would not be as fancy & would probably be more of the size of a dog-tag.
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  • Thanks so much! so helpful!
  • Could you send a pic of something that might look nicer in gold/silver?
  • am assuming you're looking for different chains? If did a bead, woud put it on a snake, rope or box style chain... to me, those look the nicest. Here's a random link to info on chains.

    Evidently, there are many different styles. If you do a google image search for necklace chain styles, you will get many more results.
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  • Whatever you choose, if it is important to you, do not let her wear it to school. Almost everyday there is some heartbroken little girl who lost a piece of jewelry (usually a necklace) on the playground. Elementary kids are still VERY young and the way they play is often not conducive to protecting valuable or sentimental items.
  • I love them!!! Great idea :)
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