How long to wait before TTC?

Hi! I'm new to the C-section board. We had our first DD via RCS in January when I failed to progress after 18 hours of labor (her heart rate was dropping). She is now a healthy and happy little girl!

I am not asking for medical advice but I'm curious how long your practitioners recommend you wait before TTC after c section. We had been planning to wait until DD turned 1, so when I told my OB that, she said it was a good waiting/healing period. Now I'm starting to think we might want to start closer to when DD is 9 months. I plan to talk to my OB since she knows my history, just curious on what others have done/been advised. I've heard everything from 6 months to 18 months...

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Re: How long to wait before TTC?

  • My provider recommended not trying until at least 9 months (so there would be at least 18 months between deliveries).  When he said that, we were talking specifically about the prospects for having a VBAC, but I think that is a commonly recommended interval for all women who have given birth.
  • My provider recommended not trying until at least 9 months (so there would be at least 18 months between deliveries).  When he said that, we were talking specifically about the prospects for having a VBAC, but I think that is a commonly recommended interval for all women who have given birth.
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  • I was told to wait a year before trying to TTC.
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    My Dr. says a year. How many previous CS have you had? I thought you said this is your first but it was a repeat c so I'm not sure.
  • We were told to wait 6 months. I got pregnant when my first was 8.5 months and was allowed to attempt a VBAC.

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  • i was told to wait two years due to complications following delivery.


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  • My doctor said 12 to 18 months is recommended.
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  • I was also told 12 to 18 mos before trying again.
  • My OB recommended 1 year before getting pg again.  There are plenty of people that have easy subsequent pregnancies getting pregnant just a few months after a c/s and those that have pregnancies from hell that have waited years.  Doctors give a rule of thumb, but for most of their patients it's a blanket statement.  I think a year or so is good for me, but I've had 1 vaginal delivery, followed by 2 c/s and now I'm hoping for a VBA2C, so I wanted to give my incision longer to heal well.

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    My dr said at least 6 months to let everything heal.
  • I was also told 12 months.

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  • My OB wanted at least 18 months between deliveries. I've heard that some OBs won't see patients who are trying for a VBAC with less than 18 months between deliveries because of increased risk of uterine rupture, but that might not be standard everywhere (and some OBs won't do VBACs at all, so it all depends.)
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  • I was told 9 months before getting pregnant by one of the docs (after DD#1) but the other I saw (after DD#3) said whenever we were ready at my 6 week check. I wasn't told anything after DD#2 and we just went with NTNP and got the 18 month gap.
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  • My OB told me since I could attempt a VBAC (when we try for #2), he would suggest waiting for 12 months otherwise he recommends waiting 18 months.
  • Regardless of birthing method, there are some risks when babies are born < 18 months apart (meaning 9 months to TTC). However, apparently there are also increased risks for having babies further apart as well (wonder how ages factored in?) and the actual numbers are not given.

    The Mayoclinic explaination:


    My hat is off to anyone who has a baby < 1 year old and is already ready to do it again. I certainly could not.

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  • My Dr. told me to wait six months after my first emergency c-section and we were hoping for a VBAC. We got pregnant quickly with my 2nd DS and my boys are barely 16mo apart. My repeat c-section went really well (VBAC failed) and we had no complications. We started trying again at 6 months pp this time, but will have 24months in between births. This is a very individual thing, I heal quickly.

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  • We had to do IVF to get our DS and we were told our best chances to conceive on our own would be to try right away.  We had him Aug 2013 and by Novemeber we were actively trying again with our doctors go ahead.  Still not pregnant yet but he said I healed perfectly and had no concerns.  Good luck
  • I think it's up to you and your experience. My daughter was a very easy c section and I was running 10 days later.we had three rounds of failed IVF transfer, beginning five months after She was born. the one that finally workEd ended up being in September, and when she was 10 months old. Those were the triplets


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    IMO, it's up to your personal health and desire. I was pg by 6 months PP, and 9 months PP (I had  3u3, all c/s births) and it was NBD, other than minor discomfort from my scar stretching. Unless there is a personal medical reason that your doctor advises you to wait, I would TTC whenever you feel ready.



  • One physician said 18 months between deliveries, another said wait one year before TTC.

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