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Unreal. Potty training.

Two weeks ago Ezra's teacher asked if we had been considering potty training. No offense to my ASD, fairly non verbal son... I was a little apprehensivebut we went with it. Their program is quite ridgid to begin with... Pushing fluid all day, 100% underwear, major reinforcement for accidents, scheduled pee times (10 minutes) The first day was about 8 accidents...(get this, they do his laundry!) Second day he held his pee all morning... Then manded for the potty! Omg! No accidents that day... Third day was his asking for the potty (pee now!) and zero accidents... Today - we ventured out on two errands and NO ACCIDENTS! And - HE POOPED ON THE POTTY. I'm in shock. Truly.
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Re: Unreal. Potty training.

  • Wonderful!
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  • Woohoo!!! That is amazing!
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  • That is awesome! My son with ASD potty trained himself one day. He just decided he didn't want to go pee in a diaper any more :) I never thought it would go that smoothly.

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  • That's fantastic!
  • That's spectacular!

  • smerkasmerka member
    This gives me hope.
  • Officially jealous.  We've gotten a whole lot of nowhere with Chris and potty training.  He's 4 1/2 now.  Everyone tells me it'll happen when he's ready but I was really hoping he'd be toilet trained by the time he went to school but now, I'm not so sure.
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