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~*~*Toddler Check In*~*~ WAY LATE Edition

Happy Friday ladies! I am SO sorry this check in is super late. I have been really sick this week. I tried to post it from mobile a few times, but it kept logging me out.... I'd log back in, build the post and then try to post it and TB would tell me "You must be logged in to do this." Grrrr, TB Mobile!

Anywho.... How are you doing?



Funny/Cute Stories?

QOTW- If you could live in any era/time period, which one would you choose? Why? 
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Re: ~*~*Toddler Check In*~*~ WAY LATE Edition

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    I hope you're feeling better soon!  TB mobile is pretty ridiculous for me most of the time too.

    This is my first toddler check-in!  P turned the big ONE last Saturday!

    Milestones? He's getting a lot more proficient at cruising.  He also went to his first carnival on Monday, rode his first ride (the carousel of course!) and won his first prize (sand toys!).  

    Challenges? He's dropped 10 percentiles in weight from his 9 month visit (37th to 27th).  The pedi didn't seem concerned and said it's probably b/c he's much more active now.  She's probably right, but I will probably always worry about his weight :(

    Funny/Cute Stories? My high school best friend has a 4 month old daughter.  They came to P's party and we got a picture of them on the couch.  Right as we were snapping the first one, she started "chewing" on P's hand.  It was precious!  The look on P's face was very much, "hey!  She's eating me!"

    QOTW- I'm not gonna lie, I like today's modern conveniences.  I have no desire to live without a washer, dryer, oven, refridgerator, etc. 
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    @DutchKatie Thanks!  I guess it's just hard not to worry about it when P spent so many months not even on the weight chart.  I'm trying to do better about stressing b/c he's doing so well.  The pedi showed me his curve and honestly the 37th percentile was the one that was an outlier, so maybe he's just settling back into that pattern.
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    We are doing well! I have not been on in awhile. I thought it would be easier being on vacation and it has been much harder. I applaud all of you year round SAHMs! I cannot get anything done with Miss A in to everything right now. She is actually at her nanny's right this minute so I can clean my house. Better do this fast!

    Milestones? Lots - getting really good at her swim lessons, expressing herself more - she can ask for more (ma), say uh-oh and up and she can climb up on the ottoman. 

    Challenges? Sleep  she sometimes does not go to sleep until after 10 PM - I have got to figure out how to get her to bed and to nap on her own. Also, she is into everything. There is a drawer in the kitchen I keep saying no to, but she is testing me all the time.

    Funny/Cute Stories? Miss A has a little chair and she always climbs in sitting backwards or sideways, never the correct way. She also loves her books and will dig through an entire bin of books and still pull out the same one we always read. I even bought her some new ones recently - she still goes for the same couple.

    QOTW- If you could live in any era/time period, which one would you choose? Why? As a history teacher, that is a tough one. If I could just stay awhile and come back eventually then it would be the 1920s. It seems like such a fun time, but I would head home in 1929 before the crash! I think it would have been fun to be a teen in the 1950s also. And I think ancient Greece would be neat to visit to.
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    How are you doing?

    Pretty well. Tired, but well. DS is 2y8m (I think, lol)


    Several. He finished out his school year last week, started ABA therapy this week, signed both "more" and "milk" perfectly. In general he has been more responsive.


    Not going to sleep at bedtime. He plays in his room. Was a three hour affair the other night.

    Funny/Cute Stories?

    He helped me decorate a cake for DH for Fathers putting sprinkles on and then promptly reaching down and grabbing them, and the frosting, off. :P

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    Milestones: talking up a storm! Learnt 2 new phrases 1) when told not to do something he goes "oh ya" and stops and 2) when asked where something is he says "I no know". It's very cute. I love it. From the time I picked him up from the sitters till I got home (8 minute ride) he did not stop talking. He never talks that much in the car!

    Challenges: eating and sleeping. Same as always :)

    Funny Stories: nothing terribly cute- I guess his new words are pretty cute. Oh! He was playing in his water table on the deck, I reached inside to grab something and turned around and he was sitting in the water table. I guess it was more fun?! Then he wanted his pants off so I did and then he ripped off his diaper too and then climbed back in and played. Who knows what goes on in his head sometimes!

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