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correlation btwn co-sleeping and improved immune systems

DD is 2.5 and she and I have been bed-sharing on and off for the past year or so.  She started waking a lot overnight, so I brought her into bed with me.  Then my husband has been traveling a ton for his job over the last 6 months and it was easier for me to put her down for the night in my bed.  About a month ago we got her out of our bed and into a queen bed in her own room, so I lay in there with her if she falls asleep overnight and come back into my bed.

Well, since then she's been getting sick.  She had a small cold, and now she has tonsillitis.  I think she's also working on all 4 2-year molars, so that could be it.  But I'm also wondering if she's missing out on something by sleeping separately.  I can't seem to find anything on Dr. Google.  Do any of you have any evidence, either studies or your own personal experience, that shows kids who bed-share or co-sleep have a stronger immune system?  I just thought maybe there was some correlation. 
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Re: correlation btwn co-sleeping and improved immune systems

  • well, there is definitely a correlation between breastfeeding and a stronger immune system, and bedsharing certainly makes breastfeeding easier, and perhaps encourages women to breastfeed longer. bedsharing may help in a more general sense-- it may help make your child have a more securely attached relationship with you, making them  happier and less stressed. high levels of stress can certainly inhibit your immune response. but i don't think there is a direct, one-to-one relationship. (it may even increase transmission of germs from family member to family member.)

    we've been bedsharing with DS since he was about 6 weeks old, and since he's been mobile, he has been sick a ton. he's in f/t daycare, so i think that's inevitable.

    has there been any change in what your DD is doing during the day? did she start daycare or is she around more kids? there may be another situational cause that is unrelated to bedsharing.
  • This is very interesting. We have been bed sharing from the beginning, 7 months now. Dd has not yet been sick, even though hubs & I got a nasty stomache virus.

    I'm home w her, but we do get together w a playgroup about 3x week.

    She drinks babies only organic dairy formula.

    Hope this helps w your "study". Interested in what others have to say
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  • I have no idea but LO is 9 months old and we've bed shared since day 1. She's never been sick once. We go to play group and she's def been exposed to illnesses on play dates. Correlation, or coincidence?
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  • Not that I've ever read. All 4 of my kids have been in their own rooms some day 1 and only my oldest has had 1 cold and 1 stomach bug in 20 mos.


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  • ark83ark83 member
    We bed shared and both my kids have horrible immune systems so I would have to say that there is no correlation.
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