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Can I bfeed on these meds?

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I went to urgent care today with intense pain and trouble breathing and turns out it was a gallbladder/stomach irritation issue. I was prescribed Domperidon and Esomeprazol Actavis 40mg (Nexium) and I'm reading conflicting info on using the latter while bfeeding. My dr said it's ok but I'm not reading that on several sources online. Any experience with this? Thank you!

Re: Can I bfeed on these meds?

  • If you don't trust what your doctor says, talk to your pharmacist.
  • Thanks. I asked a family friend who is a Dr and he said not to bfeed with the Nexium so unfort I'm dumping the milk I'm pumping next 7 days :(
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  • I would trust your doctor if he says it's okay. Also, PP ^.
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  • Thank you! I decided to play it safe and go w the pharmaceutical note in the product so no bfeeding while on med :(
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