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sunscreen sensitivity?

So my daycare provider used her own sunscreen on LO (not what I provided) :(

Anyway she used Banana Boat Quik Blok Sunblock Spray Lotion, SPF 35

Each time the spray was applied, within 20 minutes DS was super cranky and really sleepy. She described it as 'passing out' in and out of sleep and just crying. Him skin was also had red spots/splotchy.

Obviously she isn't using the spray again but what in the world causes this type of reaction so that I can avoid it?!

Of course I will ask the Dr at the next appointment. Wondering if anyone here has any thoughts.
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Re: sunscreen sensitivity?

  • That's tough- there's so many chemicals in sunscreen. I haven't heard of that type of sensitivity but I've heard many other stories about reactions to sunscreen.
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  • Maybe it physically hurt his skin or made it itch, causing the crankiness and the crying made him tired?
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  • I am using the California Baby sensitive stick. I looked on EWG and it was one that was lowest in chemicals that are linked to cancer.

    Connor has extremely sensitive skin. (He just fell in mud today and broke out where the mud touched him.) He breaks out the moment he touches anyone who is either dirty or cleans their clothes in strong detergent. He has been like that since birth. The sun stick didn't bother him.
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  • luckily the normal sunblock we are using (aveeno baby I think) hasn't caused any issues at all. My family has sensitive skin, nothing severe but I still try to buy stuff that is scent free, etc.
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  • No idea about the sleepy/cranky, but when I was a kid I was allergic to an ingredient in many sunscreens called PABA.  Broke out in hives instantly.
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