Flat spots?

I feel terrible, but I just noticed my one twin's head goes a little to the left in the back.  She always sleeps with her head to the right.  The dr said torticollis and if in two months at their 4 month appointment it hasn't gotten better they will likely do a helmet, even though they aren't sure they're effective, they still recommend them for now.  I've been trying to keep her head turned to the other side and but it's hard at night because when she's flat on her back it's easier for her to move.  The dr recommended a wedge to position her, but I'm not sure how comfortable I feel having anything in the crib with her.

I try to hold my girls as often as I can, but reality is I can't do it all day and so they sleep in their swing/RnP and then are in it a lot of the time when they're awake too so I'm worried that flat spot is going to get worse.  I will be so sad if my baby girl has to wear a helmet :/ 

Any advice?


Re: Flat spots?

  • I've heard you can put a mirror on their less favored side to encourage them to turn that way. They make a lot of good kids mirrors you can Velcro to things, especially during their waking hours.
  • Our pedi told us that helmets are no longer recommended and most flat spots resolve by age two.

    If she sleeps in a crib, you can try changing which end her head is at, as a lot of babies turn to look towards the room (maybe looking for a parent?) As pp mentioned a mirror or placing toys on the side you want her turning towards. If it is torticollis, did they refer you to a physio? There are stretches you can do for their neck if that's the reason she's favouring one side.

    Good luck
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  • Mine wore helmets last summer and the plagiocephaly was resolved within 2 months.  One had torticollis and the other did not.  The one with torticollis was referred to a PT and the PT showed me exercises to do with her to loosen up the neck muscles. I'm not sure whether or not the flat spots would have resolved on their own, but we chose to go ahead with the helmet treatment while the plates were not fused together.
  • We looked into a helmet for one of the boys. He was dx'ed w plagiocephaly but didn't have torticollis, he just really liked one particular side.

    The neuro we saw said it was up to us but that he wouldn't do it if it were his kid. So we didn't. At a year, you can still see it's a little lopsided but maybe that's just bc I know it's there. Once he gets more hair I doubt ill even notice it.

  • One LO had a flat spot. But the dr recommended we wait it out. At eight months it's pretty much gone.

    I did notice that we always positioned them with us in their right side - changing table, bath tub, and crib. so we made an effort to get on their left side more when we played.
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  • I don't have much help but in our boys beds we used the boppy noggin? I think it's called. It helped a lot for twin B who had a bit of a flat spot from the way the NICU trained him to lay.

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  • I had the same with one of my boys. The dr noticed a flat spot on one side at 2 months and told me to do little neck exercises so that those muscles would loosen up and I also tried to turn his head when he slept. He always ended up back on the flat spot because that's what was comfortable. I was afraid he would end up in a helmet but my pediatrician said he wasn't worried about it because once they start rolling and laying on their bellies it will usually resolve itself. He also told me of a small study that showed that the helmet doesnt always do much. They looked at two groups of kids, one who wore the helmet and they other who didnt and at 2 years old you couldnt tell who had worn one and who hadn't. They all looked the same! (Hope that all made sense). My baby is now 7 months and it is already getting better! He's always rolling on his tummy and hardly ever sleeps on his back anymore. I think if you wait it out for a little longer and if it is getting worse, then maybe you should explore the option of a helmet. Good luck!

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