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9 Month old wakes 4-5 times a night.

HI, so let me start by saying my lo has NEVER been a good sleeper. my husband and I have been battling the sleep deprivation since day one. He is not 8 1/2 months old and is waking 4-5 times a night. We have tired the cry it out method and it did us no help. He was just get more upset and when he would finally calm down his nose would be all stuffy and would just make him even more upset. I am about at the end of my rope. My husband is now bringing him into our bed when he wakes up which means I get even more no sleep because he is rolling around smacking me and pulling my hair. I cant do this anymore. He will be crying and you go in there and his eyes are closed and he just opens his mouth for his passie and goes back to sleep...for 5 min and it starts all over. He takes 2 naps a day but I am luck if he stays asleep for more than 20 min. Every once in a great while he will sleep for 1-2 hours for naps. I just dont know what to do anymore.HELP ME. 

Re: 9 Month old wakes 4-5 times a night.

  • There are several different sleep methods you can work with at 9 months old.

    You said you tried Cry it out but not which method you used. If you want to do cry it out many of the ladies on this board have used the Ferber method and suggest buying the book and reading it.

    Also keep in mind that there are many periods of sleep regression during the first couple of years so you may or may not be faced with this issue again. 
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