2nd pregnancy after very hard emergency section....

Hi ladies, I'm looking for any insight from anyone who's been through a similar situation. In short - my first labor went like this: Normal pregnancy with no plans for any intervention @ birth at all. Water broke, fully dilated 12 hours later, pushed for over 2 hours with no progress. The surgeon said that the baby was stuck in my pelvic bone and that I have a very narrow birth canal. At that time time they decided to do a c-section. Gave me a spinal which helped with the contractions but I could still feel them "down there" And baby's heartbeat was weakening so they put me under general anesthetic and did the c-section with me asleep. Mission accomplished, I'm healthy and baby is healthy. Fast forward 16 months and I'm pregnant again and EXTREMELY nervous this time. I have had a LOT of pain at times in my abdomen when my little guy hits me there, running etc. I feel like there is a chance that I haven't healed properly. I would like to attempt a VBAC but am terrified of both the same situation happening again, and even worse - something going wrong during it. They said the spinal didn't work as I have light scoliosis in my spine and I'm not sure that a spinal or epidural would work either. I'm scared. I'm looking for suggestions, thoughts, experiences.... I'm just bummed out. I went into my first labor calm, and just ready..... Now, I'm still months and months away and terrified of what will happen and what the right decision is.

Re: 2nd pregnancy after very hard emergency section....

  • Hugs dear. That is very scary. I would guess that since you have a narrow birth canal that you will most likely have to have another c-section. My SIL had that diagnosis and she had to have subsequent c-sections. Can you talk to your doctor about options? I don't specifically know what other options might be but it sounds like you need to talk to your doc ASAP. I don't think it should matter that the birth is months away, especially if it is bugging you NOW.
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  • I had an emergency C-section under general anesthesia with ds#1.  I still wanted a VBAC however.  But I ended up never going into labor.  I had a repeat C-section and it was 100x better than my 1st.  I'm still a little sad I'll never have a "natural birth" experience, but what can ya do?

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  • I was too small to fit my daughter through, as well. She was 8lb3oz and got stuck inside me at 7cm they said and had to do a c-sec (water broke 36 hours prior at 1cm dilated and I had been given oxytocin to try to start dilating me). They said in the future if I am to deliver an average-sized healthy baby at 40w I would have to have a c-section again. I am sort of bummed because I was hoping VBAC could be an option for me but it seems like it won't be. Mine had bad complications, infection, fever, blood tranfusion, etc. so personally, I would probably feel terrified as well. We want another baby too, but now, even though we just had our first 3 weeks ago, even *thinking* about a second baby terrifies me :(
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  • I had a very complicated emergency c-sec the first time around.  Almost lost the baby and me. I was told there was no way I would ever be able to have a VBAC since I couldn't get a 5Lb baby out. My second was a planned c-sec and it was so easy and the recovery was so much better. My third was also a scheduled c-sec, but I had complications and she came a bit early via another emergency c-sec. So I guess my point is you never know how things will turn out. The important thing is to think things through, talk to your doctor and weigh the risks based on why you needed a c-sec in the first place. Every pregnancy and delivery is different. Just my two cents.
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