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Is it normal for an IEP to call out an SEA by name? In DS's final IEP progress report this year his substitute teacher said DS's behavior improved dramatically under Aide A as opposed to Aide B because Aide B focused too much on discipline charts, which ramped up his anxiety and made him behave worse. Aide A was better at deferring to the mainstream teacher on discipline matters, which resulted in better behavior. The progress report went into detail explaining how she worked with the aides to better guide them in how to assist DS appropriately.

I'm grateful for the info because I don't interact with his aides at all so I don't know these dynamics. I'm curious if this is common practice because I'd like to get this information going forward. Is it ever appropriate to request a specific aide based on this information? From what I understand about DS's very small school is that the aides rotate classrooms periodically. His previous progress reports done by his regular ASD teacher (whom he'll have again next year) do not go into this level of detail and we've never discussed aides in reports or IEP meetings.

Re: Aides

  • I agree completely with @auntie. It sounds like the substitute had an issue with one of the aides. When I write behavior reports I will talk about approaches if necessary but never particular people.
  • That's about what I thought- a bit of a turf war. I guess it's a moot point now that she's gone but in the future I won't expect to see any name-calling in progress reports!
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