Amnio for Lung Maturity?

Hey Ladies, just got back from an appointment with a new doctor that delivers out of a hospital with a better NICU.  They have scheduled my csection for next Wednesday, I'll be 36 weeks.  The babies are measuring small and the placentas are maturing faster than they would like to see so for the health of all 3 of us they are taking them early.  

The doctor has scheduled an amnio for Tuesday to test for lung maturity, I had no clue amnio could test for this.  I've also never had one and I'm nervous.  What should I expect? Have any of you had an amnio for lung maturity?  In the event it comes back that their lungs aren't mature they will give me a different booster steroid and push my csection back until Friday.

I can't believe they will be here next week! So excited and overwhelmed at the same time.
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Re: Amnio for Lung Maturity?

  • cadencaden member
    I had one. Its basically the same as other amnios - your belly gets stuck with a giant needle. They'll also do an u/s with the poke to get it in the right place. They'll test the fluid for some substances that indicate the lungs are mature. I think I got the results a few hours after the test, I can't remember. My advice is not to watch the needle go in. It just hurts like any other shot even though it looks much scarier. I'm surprised they'd do it at 36w though! GL to you!
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