Will my scar always feel twingy?

10.5 months post c-section my scar still twinges every now and them and if I overextend my arms over my head it pulls on the scar and feels tender. It also feels tender to touch, not sore though. Will it always feel like that? Thanks :)

Re: Will my scar always feel twingy?

  • @ana_k

    I don't really remember having any twinges at 10.5 months. A few months after, yes. Have you asked your dr? I am 22 months PP.
  • same as PP - I'm actually 11 months PP, and don't have any twinges of any sort... even the numbness seems to be fading... I'd ask dr
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  • I'm almost 20 months from my last and it still has a little numbness
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    I'm 16 months pp and mine is still numb on the left side. It's also a little tender if my daughter accidentally kicks it or digs into it with her feet while we're cuddling.

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  • ana_kana_k member
    Oh gosh I've never had numbness, that sounds great! It still hurts, just a little if my eldest jumps on me :/ Interesting everyone is so different, off to Dr tomorrow with baby anyway, might ask while there. Thanks for help :)
  • I'm still almost completely numb and if I get up too quickly, I will get painful twinges... but that could be from the pregnancy.  I don't seem to remember having many twinges before getting ku.
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  • I'm glad I saw this thread - so the numbeness is normal! I'm only a few weeks out but I was wondering if this goes away it feels VERY weird it's an odd sensation. It makes me upset when I touc it so I hope the feeling doesn't last so many months. I have that numb feeling to the touch, and get zings of needly-feeling pains in it - even when not breastfeeding, which is what OB said could cause that from the contracting during feeding but it happens when I'm not feeding too.
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  • I had my Csection 2 years ago and I'll still feed a random twang of pain here and there. 
  • I still have some numbness after 2 years.  I think there will be spots where it will never go away.  No twinges, though.  I agree with PP that you should ask your OB.  It may be nothing, or it may be something they can fix.

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  • My mom just told me yesterday hers is still numb and that was from 10 yrs ago. Mine has been pretty tender for the last 22 months and worse now that I'm pg again.
  • I am 8 months PP and it still tingles and feels sensitive sometimes! 
  • Numbness but no twinges, it has been 3 years since my last. It did take a long time though.
  • Wow! I guess I am lucky. 16 months and I have full feeling and never any twinges. This is an interesting thread.



  • Since my last post, I've had my RCS and the twingy feeling has gone away. Ill be 3 weeks pp on Monday, the numbness and swelling are gone too.
  • I am 3 months PP after mysecond CS and have no pain - just numbness. It never went away the first time, so I am guessing it's not going anywhere this time either. If I had pain or discomfort, I'd have a doctor check it out....
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  • I am 10 weeks post c and mine is still numb. It starts getting numb about an inch from the scar all the way down to the scar.
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