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My husband and I are trying to decide whether or not to do the 3D ultrasound. They only offer the u/s until 27 weeks for twins.  If any of you have done this can you tell me how your experience was?  I'm worried about not getting great pics.

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    I was also thinking about going to get 3Ds done, but I was concerned about spacing
     issues and getting good pictures.  I didn't want to pay $200 for that risk.  That same week, I went into my appointment and at the end they surprised us with quick 3D shots.  It made me incredibly glad that I didn't pay for them because I wouldn't have been happy with what they were able to get if I was paying that much for it.  But since it was a surprise, I was ecstatic.  We couldn't get Baby B because her hands were covering her face, but we got a great shot of Baby A.  This was at 30 weeks :)
    ETA:  Sorry that showed up so big! :/

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  • My MFM flipped mine to the 4D at each US. We got some great shots between 24-30 weeks. They didn't always cooperate, but when they did we got great shots!
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