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Gift for a friend finalizing adoption?

My good friend will be finalizing her foster to adopt son's adoption in August.  Her family has had him in their home since he came home from the hospital.  They, of course, consider him to be their son.  I would like to get the family a gift.  I saw this Christmas ornament, but what are your thoughts?

It sounds like there will be a combo birthday/adoption party also.


Wendy Twins 1/27/06. DS and DD

Re: Gift for a friend finalizing adoption?

  • Nice, but it seems like an odd gift for August. Maybe something family oriented (movie passes, mini golf, etc)?
  • I believe in ornaments anytime (I just gave one to a friend for his graduation), but if you don't want to do that. has all sorts of lovely family tree art where you can have them add each family members name.  It would be something they could have to remember the day.


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    Thanks for the input ladies. My friend **loves** Christmas so that's why I thought ornament. Her adoptive DS will be three soon.
    Wendy Twins 1/27/06. DS and DD
  • I would give a nice frame or picture album for their first official family pictures. Or maybe something monogrammed with the child's new name?
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