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So we have a patio set in our 4 seasons room but i was thinking of getting a couple of decent chairs and maybe an offset umbrella for our patio. Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone have an offset umbrella and can give me pro's con's?

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  • Is an offset umbrella the kind that bends and you can adjust it depending on the sun angle?  If that's what you're talking about, I'd invest the money on a good one, because I've had some bad experiences with cheaper ones that didn't stay in place properly.
    No, it's one like this... 

  • My parents have one in their back yard and they love it.



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  • I like it because you can move it around as you want shade elsewhere - so if you put a kiddie pool up in the backyard, you can shade it, etc.  Just be sure to close it and secure it for windy days/etc like you should with any umbrella.
    This was my idea!! And also the sand box. We only have one small (planted last year) tree in our back yard. So not very much shade. 
  • So not that anyone was worried but we got the offset umbrella!! It's 11foot wide thing is a beast! It covers more than half of our small patio. Can't wait to get out there tonight and rearrange my chairs and fire pit. I am still on the hunt for the perfect chairs so the ones we have now will have to do. 

    I also need to dig my tiki torches out.... DRINKS AT MY PLACE!!  
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