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Roller Coaster Week

So, the past 7 days have been mind-blowing in terms of emotional ups and downs...and since this is currently the only board I'm on, I'm sharing with all of you even though all of the news doesn't meet the board criteria.  The past 7 days started with bad news.  My DH's uncle lost his 2+ year battle with cancer, his wife was really struggling with it and we had to take two days off work to go to Louisville for the services.  It was an emotional trip and when we both got back to the office on Thursday, we were just slammed with work that ran into the weekend.  Then we found out that our licensing agent is "out" for at least the next couple of weeks and we are on hold. While not the end of the world, it was just another piece of news to add to the stress.  I cried twice at work on Thursday and really was just a crazy lady.  This past month we tried our third round of IUI and the drugs have made me so emotional, and after 3.5 years of trying, two miscarriages and a completely failed IUI, I think I was just preparing for more bad news...because of course these things come in threes.  Well, here's where I get a little turn around. Friday night I got a BFP!  I'm scared, I'm happy and I'm really happy that DH still wants to continue the Foster to Adopt process to add to our family!  I seem to not be able to carry past 6 weeks, so I'm hesitant to be truly happy about this...but I have a glimmer of hope here.    Thanks for listening, I'm too afraid to share with family yet since we've had such bad outcomes in the past.


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  • I'm sorry for the difficult time you've been having. I wish you all the best with this pregnancy.

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  • Thanks ladies! 


  • Wow what a week!  To go from something so sad and stressful to such a happy surprise (even with IF treatments it is still a surprise).  I remember the fuzzy hormonal feeling of being on IUI meds and can relate to feeling overly emotional and crying at the slightest things.  Congrats on the BFP!
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    What a week is right! Sorry about the sad news, but am hopeful about your pregnancy. Much luck to you guys :)
  • Sorry for your loss and hoping you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.
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    I'm sorry for your families loss.

    It isn't easy but try and stay positive about your BFP!! I'm thinking good things for you!
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  • I'm so sorry! Big hugs sand congrats on your BFP! Praying it's your bring home baby!
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