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Best baby carriers for Daddys.

Daddy is 6'4" so I am looking for something that will be a comfy carrier for him. 

Thinking at the moment maybe the Ergo?? What carriers do Dad's out there like??

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Re: Best baby carriers for Daddys.

  • I never liked the idea of a carrier. I just used my arms.

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    I mostly just carry him in my arms.  In the off chance that I am taking him pretty far or will need my hands I use the Ergo.  I am 6' 1", but it is pretty adjustable.

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  • Depending on how big your LO is, take a look at the carrier in my picture it is a LittleLife carrier.  REI has really good backpack carriers if you do any hiking or walking at all.  I use this a lot when we go hiking.  For when our LO was younger, we just used an Evenflo front carrier. 

    My LO is hovering around 45 lbs so carrying him in either my arms or on my shoulders for long periods of time is rough.
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  • DH and I are both over 6' (me 6'3 him 6'6) and we got the Baby Bjorn.. Cool thing is, being nearly the same size means we only adjusted it once for him, and it works for me too :) It is front wear only, but we like the face time with DD.
  • I used one a few times but my daughter hated it. I just walked around with her in my arms. She would fall asleep on my shoulder lot more often that way than a carrier.
  • I just use my arms, but we are considering a carrier this time around. I heard good things about the baby bjorn.
  • About 8pm last night I hear a loud knock at the door as DW and I were trying to put nb son to sleep. It was an ergobaby carrier someone gifted us! I was annoyed that the loud knock startled baby but I'm excited to try this out! (our ergobaby swaddle works like a charm!)
  • MH loves the Ergo.

  • My H uses the Ergo and he's 6'4...loves it for when we do lots of walking.
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