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Lumps in breast.

I just finished nursing my girl. She hasn't nursed in over a week. Before ending I had gotten her down to just 1 feeding a night from my left side. So I had very little milk at the end.

The breast isn't sore. Not engorged or hard. But I discovered lumps on the top located higher up on the breast. I check it regularly and haven't noticed them before. Why are they just now appearing? Especially since I had little milk and it's been 9 days since last feeding.

I'm just concerned about will they go away? Is there something I should be doing? I don't want to keep producing milk so I don't want to nurse or pump. But I definitely don't want to develop mastitis.

Re: Lumps in breast.

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    I would call your doc - they may want to do an ultrasound to determine what's going on. I have dealt with fibroadenomas for several years - small to semi-large masses in both breasts. While I was still nursing B, I discovered another lump and thought it was just another fibroadenoma. Boy was I wrong. It was mastitis that turned in to an abscess that ended up rupturing. It was the WORST!

    Anyways, I don't mean to scare you - but, I would definitely give the doc a call and get it checked out for peace of mind. Good luck!

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