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Clicky: Where does LO sleep?

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I tried to post this three times in the private group, so I guess I'll try it here.
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Clicky: Where does LO sleep? 72 votes

Still in the crib
72% 52 votes
In a toddler bed
8% 6 votes
In a big bed (his/her own)
4% 3 votes
In a big bed (with Mom/Dad)
9% 7 votes
Montessori floor bed
0% 0 votes
5% 4 votes

Re: Clicky: Where does LO sleep?

  • He is still in the crib. It is convertible though, so whenever he succeeds in climbing out (he's been trying; I have a feeling it'll be soon) we will convert it to the toddler bed.
  • Still in the crib here.  I'm hoping DD1 can make it in her crib until her birthday.  I'm terrified of her having free range of her room during the night. 

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  • D is starting to explore sleeping in other places, but I voted in the big bed with mom/dad.  Some days he will pull pillows and blankets on the floor and lay on that until he is almost asleep then crawl in bed with me/us.  One day for nap he actually slept the entire time on his floor bed.  He has also started crawling into the toddler bed which is in our room (converted from crib) and laying in that until he is almost asleep then coming into our bed. 

    I figured he would eventually want his own space so I am just letting him take the lead.
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  • Currently he is still in his crib buuuuut....
    LO (3months old) will be moving out of my room soon. He is sleeping longer, so I'd like my hubby back. ;)

    I just need help with nap time to get N used to sleeping in a big bed. Then we will switch him for nighttime too. (This all involves switching rooms)

    I hope it all goes well, but if not, I DO have a second crib... And N hasn't attempted to climb out, so I have no concern that way.
  • My DD is in a toddler bed and she loves it.
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  • L hates her crib with a passion, so she's been sleeping with us since I went back to work in the fall. Now that I'm off for the summer, I figured it's time to transition her to SOMETHING else... just not sure what yet.
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  • SS cause he starts out in a toddle bed and when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he climbs in our bed :). I wish he'd just sleep in his bed but we messed that up. That's what happens when he's in our room and the only way to make sure he ssn is to come in our bed. It saved my sanity since we had to go to work :)
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  • Crib since 4ish months and until she starts trying to escape, which luckily hasn't happened yet! I'll keep her in there as long as possible!
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  • Just switched to toddler bed today.  DS climbed out of the crib after nap time today, so I figured it was time to make the switch.  Fingers crossed tonight goes smoothly.
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