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10 month old not eating?

Help!!  My daughter is ten months old.  I have been having a hard time getting her to eat.  Usually when she is in daycare, they can get her to eat just fine but dinner and weekends it is a struggle.  She eats both table food and babyfoods.  Any suggestions???

Re: 10 month old not eating?

  • Look at her diet over the course of a couple days, not each meal and not even necessarily by day.  Dinner is the least eaten meal of the day for most young children so if she's eaten well earlier in the day, don't sweat it.  What, exactly are you feeding her and how much is she eating of it?  Does she seem to prefer table food over baby food or vice versa?
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  • Also, keep in mind babies don't always feel great due to teething or allergies or whatever.  My youngest ds (and the older one to some extent) has days where he eats more than others.  He also had this weird stage where he went from eating little pieces of food to not wanting anything to do with it.  We went back a stage in baby food.  Whatever.  Like pp said, as long as she is eating (especially formula/breast milk), it's fine :)
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  • My DD has skipped a bottle each day for the past several days. She is starting to want more food and less liquid, so it could be that or just that she is teething.

    At this age, babies know what they need. Their appetite ebbs and flows based on how they feel, growth spurts, and a myriad of other things. It's okay to just go with the flow.

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