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Choked and and now won't eat

I hope someone has some advice because I do not know what to do...a few nights ago my 3 year old DD choked on a chicken strip. We got it out and she was fine after but since then she will only chew good then spit it out not swallow. I have tried explaining that it's ok and we just have to chew well and bite small pieces - didn't help. I have also got mad at her out of pure frustration (probably not the best reaction but I'm so stressed out about this). Does anyone have any advice? Will this resolve itself? Do I just keep offering food and hope she eats it eventually?
Thanks so much

Re: Choked and and now won't eat

  • Hey There -

    Could you try giving her something she doesn't have to chew as much like yogurt or oatmeal? Just to get something in her stomach and work your way back up to regular food? I'm sure that was very scary for her so I could understand her hesitancy to eat regular food. 
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  • Alid86Alid86 member
    Thanks - we have been trying this with some success. She just is very hesitant about all foods and constantly talks about choking and tells me she will eat later. It's very sad and very frustrating and I'm just worried
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  • That happened to me when I was little. It just took time as far as I am aware. I remember chewing really well,swallowing a tiny amount and spitting the rest on the floor for several days until I got hungry enough.
  • Her throat might be sore yet as well. She may not be afraid. I would try some ibuprofen and hour prior to eating and see if she will eat something in between like avocado or scrambled eggs.
  • Alid86Alid86 member
    Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate your replies! Supper time went ok - we ate peaches, oranges and some pasta (not the most well rounded meal but I'm just so so happy she ate something) I offered a little piece of chicken too but she just chewed it and looked really worried about it the whole time so we didn't push the issue. In hoping, like PP said this is just something she has to get through and will eat when she gets hungry.
    I asked if her throat hurt or if anywhere hurt (she talks very well for her age and normally tells me if something hurts) and she said it was fine and didn't hurt so I'm tending to think that it is more fear based and I don't blame her I was terrified too!
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