tubes tied after c-section

Considering doing this. Anyone have any insight on the procedure or negative effects?

Re: tubes tied after c-section

  • I had mine done during/after my emergency cs last month. I haven't had any side effects that I know of, so far. Fingers crossed!
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  • I'm getting mine done this time around. dr said it should add about 5-10 min to the process, so it will be that little bit longer till I hold him. But, the only possible negative outcome she said was that it's not 100% effective and if there is a future pregnancy after it (however a slim chance)it is a much greater risk to be ectopic.
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  • Thanks ladies. Im getting mine done with this pregnancy and am a little nervous lol
  • I'm getting mine done this time around.  My OB said it would literally take her 2 minutes to do and I wouldn't even know it was going on.  With ds#2, they were still cleaning him up when my C-section was already complete, so I don't think I'll even notice the extra couple of minutes.

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  • purtzpurtz member
    I just had mine done after my 2nd csection. Took 5 minutes and I didn't feel a thing/no issues whatsoever. I am going to go back for another procedure in 4-6 months so I don't bleed monthly as well.


  • I had mine tied this time around.  Surgery took a little longer than the first, but overall no other issues.  I feel like I healed just as quick as I did the first time around.
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  • had mine done after my 2nd CS;  couldn't tell the difference.
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  • I had mine done in March after the C. Even though the Dr said it would only take a few additional minutes, it felt like the surgery lasted maybe 30 minutes longer overall. I had no complications. My lab results came back about 2 weeks later that he had, indeed, removed segments of fallopian tubes.
  • I am doing it this time around as well.  Hoping for a similar experience to my first C-Section (expect for the extra time to do the tubal ligation)!

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  • I just got this done in July during my RCS. Other than the longer time in surgery I didn't really notice any difference.
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  • Kaly16Kaly16 member
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    I did. Honestly, this recovery was the best of all 3 c secs I've had
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  • I'm planning on it this time.  From the info provided by my doctor, I shouldn't notice anything other than maybe 5 extra minutes of surgery time.
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