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Intro and question

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Hi ladies!

I'm new here. Just wanted to lurk a bit and have a look around.

I'm 29, and planning to start ttc in Aug. We wanted to start sooner, but I had to have some fibroids removed, and I'm benched until Aug :-(

The intramural fibroids were removed via abdominal laparotomy, and basically came down to a ceasarean.

Is the "standard" time between ceasarean and attempt to vbac still 18 months? If I am lucky enough to get pregnant immediately, only one year will have passed between the operation and birth. Would this be a problem?

I won't be able to use the same gynae that did my op for my pregnancy, as he is retiring at the end of the year. So I can't really say what a doc will say yet, I'm just interested in your opinions!

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Re: Intro and question

  • After my c-section I was told to wait 18 months between deliveries.  That was not to VBAC that was to deliver period.  The hospital where I had my surgery has a VBAC ban so this guideline was given with the assumption the next baby would be a RCS.  
  • Unfortunately, there tend to be very few standards followed regarding what makes someone a candidate for a VBAC; some doctors won't do them at all, and some set very strict guidelines so that they end up doing very few. Your best bet is to look around for a VBAC-friendly OB in your area and find out directly from him/her what time frame they suggest and under what conditions they'd be willing to let you attempt a VBAC. I have personally gotten very lucky by having VBAC-friendly OBs, but I know that mine is not a universal experience.
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    Thank you ladies!

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