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It is what it is

I posted a new chapter tonight in case anyone is waiting for that.  I'm almost at the end and it is making me kind of sad!

If you are just here for pictures of Harry, here you go:

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Re: It is what it is

  • MrsBadKat said:
    Everything inside me says "take that shirt off" but goddamn he looks hot putting it on.

    I had the exact same thought but then I thought there was something hot about him getting dressed, as in it being after he had been not dressed. 

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  • secretsoutsecretsout member
    edited July 2014
    I posted chapter 22 last night if anyone was waiting. 


  • @14whitney, I kind of did this thing a while back where I started writing a story and then I did another thing where I told people about it.  It's Harry fanfiction. 

    I'm doing this new thing where I'm trying not to belittle myself, so I'm just going to say that I have really enjoyed writing it, and I think it's a fun story.  If you're interested, I've been posting it on my tumblr (link is in sig).  There's a link on the sidebar to It Is What It Is.

    kimmycup[Deleted User]ShakeyJakey
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