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Hey! I just found out I'm expecting and the baby should be due in February. I'm wondering if any of you moms have tips on having a newborn in winter/breakup in Alaska. Are there any special products I should be looking for to keep baby warm? Any suggestions? Words of wisdom?

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  • This is my first baby to be born in Alaska as well and even even though I already have kids I feel so unprepared cause Alaska weather is so different..
  • This is my first pregnancy in Alaska as well, but what I have learned from the locals is that baby jackets are expensive and they grow out of them quickly.  So when baby is young wrap they a couple times in heavy blankets, or tuck them inside your jacket in a baby carrier/sling.  Make sure they have a hat, and that their face is covered and out of the wind.  My baby is due in early early spring so this is what I plan on doing too.  Carrying them close is much warmer than putting them in a stroller or car seat to carry around  : )
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  • buntings are where it's at (onsie snow suit thingys- i used it daily with my first)-- if you like to be outside hiking or using the front pack.  otherwise, lots of blankets and you'll be fine! 
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