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Brayden starts daycare the beginning of next month and i'm very anxious.  He's not around many kids and i'm afraid he'll be the bully of the daycare.  He has a terrible mean streak and temper.  We go to swim class but he can't really interact with others in the water. We also go to the park twice a week but all of the kids are way older than him.  I've looked up mommy and me type groups but their are none in my area.  Any suggestions on where else I can look or where we can go?  Any tips of making the transition to daycare smoother?  


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  • I think he will be fine. Even if he is mean there will be someone meaner lol Ethan goes to MyGym and Gymboree, we also do Storytime at Barnes and Noble. For the most part Ethan is aggressive but not mean he gets along good with other kids he can just be kinda rough. Usually the daycare kids become friends and get along great after the adjustment period.

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    There are kids with strong personalities like that, and laid back kids. Just like adults. They'll develop their own group dynamic. My son can be a little aggressive too. He was a hitter/biter for a while. The other kids (and DCP) made it clear that behavior wasn't kosher and the phase passed. I suspect B will adjust just fine!
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  • I wouldn't worry about him being a bully at first. Chances are he'll be intimidated by the new surroundings and other children that he'll probably just watch and take everything in in the first few weeks. He could learn very quickly how to interact with other children his age and who knows, it might be great for him!
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