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1st Bday Party

We have our house on the market so I'm not sure where we'll be living when my daughter turns 1 in a few months.  I'm trying to figure out where to have her first bday party if the house isn't an option.  Any ideas on types of venues that work well for babies?  What was your theme for your baby's first bday?  What types of activities did you have?  What did you get your baby as a present?  Thanks!
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Re: 1st Bday Party

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    I second the suggestion of a park pavilion if you live in an area where the weather will be nice.  You could also try local rec centers/schools/churches to see if they have indoor spaces to rent if the weather will be an issue where you live.  Honestly, the first birthday party is much more about the parents than the kid, so there's no need to go overboard (but if you like party plan and pinterest, go for it). 

    We had a casual backyard BBQ with no theme.  I put out some outdoor toys for the smaller kids to play with (small slide, balls, etc), and we had cornhole for the teenagers/adults, but other than that there were no activities. 

    We bought DS a Radio Flyer wagon for his birthday (but he didn't open it or anything for his birthday - he got it like a month before).  At 12 months, DS wasn't at all interested in opening gifts or getting presents. 
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  • We just had our little boy's 1st bday party at a park. Our house is tiny, so we reserved a nice park shelter that had restrooms, electricity, and nice playground for the kids to run around (several niece & nephews ages 1 -9.) At first I thought I should have a theme & searched pinterest to get ideas, but when it came down to it I decided First Birthday was theme enough. My MIL was visiting from out of town, work was busy, and we were planning our family vacation so I just had too much on my plate to think about decorations and invitations. I invited people by calling and telling them and I also created an event page on Facebook so people could reference the park location and I could share the menu etc. I went really easy with a picnic lunch. I served fried chicken, hot dogs, fresh strawberries, pineapple, and watermelon, GoGo squeeze applesauce (because the littles love them) & potato chips. I also had 2 big jugs of water and lemonade. I listed the menu and then said: "My feelings will not be hurt if you have a side or something specific you want to bring." I picked up the Fried chicken and cake (from walmart believe it or not) right before the party. I grilled the hot dogs just before we left the house and wrapped them in foil, then kept them warm with an electric skillet at the park. The extent of our decorations were the cake, colored napkins, colored plastic table covers, and one banner that said "happy birthday."  It really was enough :)  The focus is your cute kid! I bought him a cute foam crown from michael's for $1 and that was that.
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  • The cake was all cupcakes- much easier for a picnic. Smash cake was free. We didn't wrap a gift for him to open- he isn't in to that yet. But we did buy him swim trunks & rash guards for our Hawaii vacation.
  • I've thought of renting a pavilion at a park, but wasn't sure if that was a good place to have babies.  Also, the weather can be hit or miss where I live.  It can be really hot and humid or potentially have thunderstorms in the summer.
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  • For his 1st birthday, we took him for a train ride around the Zoo, got him a small bundtlet cake and had lunch at a Food Truck Park. From the jump, I had always said that what we did for the lil emperor's 1st birthday would be simple. I am thinking his 2nd birthday will be the same way.

    But that doesnt mean he didnt have birthday parties!!! The parties happened thanks to his Grandmothers on opposite sides of the country. My mom in Texas gave him a Jake and the Never Land Pirates themed party and she held it at a community city in the neighborhood I grew up in. She had my cousin help her out with it. She had hotdogs and chips and cake and ice cream. In California (two months later), my ex's mom gave him a party with a sports theme at her house.

    And as far as what I got him for his 1st birthday... I let him pick. I help up two toys and he reached for the one he wanted and almost a year later, he still plays with it and it is his favorite!
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    I would suggest a place where your child is very familiar with!  Perhaps a grandparents house?  Some parks rent out shelter houses.  Birthday parties can be overwhelming for a 1 year old- being the center of a attention, large group of people, etc.  I always kept 1st birthdays pretty low key (which I understand is hard because you are SUPER excited).  For the theme- aka cake, I always did whatever the child showed interest in.  My last 1st birthday cake I made a replica of her blanket because she carries it everywhere and really hadn't shown her interests yet and I just color coordinated the decorations to the cake. 
  • Ours was at home because I didn't want anything to be overwhelming (even though my kid doesn't get overwhelmed by crowds or strangers). Had we not been able to do it at our home, I would have used my parents' house because he is also familiar with it.

    Theme was just turning one/him. I did the "1" out of pictures (did two of them hang up), did the chalkboard thing. I made a "1" cake and a giant cupcake smash cake and cupcakes from the extra batter. We just did snacks, not a full meal because of the timing.

    The only other kids were my nephew and nieces, who occupied themselves, so activities. 

    Presents were a lot of little things that we'd been wanting to get him. We let the grandparents do the big presents for that birthday.
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