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12 weeks FMLA

Hi ladies! I'm new to the Louisville area and am TTC. I have been going to Total Women but just recently discovered that they will only sign off on 6 weeks of FMLA leave. My employer will give me up to 12 weeks but obviously the doctor needs to sign off on that. Had anyone else found this as an issue? I don't understand why they care how long I'm of work. I would not be comfortable putting my 6 week old baby in daycare! Does anyone have any good doctor recommendations that will grant 12 weeks time off for FMLA? Thanks in advance!

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  • You don't need your dr to sign off on 12 weeks to take 12 weeks of fmla. Fmla allows 12 weeks for the birth of a child, that is a federal guideline. What your dr is saying is for your short term disability benefits that you are only disabled for 6 weeks which is standard for a vaginally birth or 8 weeks for a c section. No dr will say you are disabled for 12 weeks unless you have complications. If you have further questions your hr dept will better explain their protocols with fmla. Good luck!!
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    ^ Correct. The standard is 6 weeks for a vaginal birth, 8 weeks for a c section. You can still take 12 weeks total, but you may not be paid for it, depending on whether you have the PTO available. For example, I'm taking 12 weeks, but it'll be 6-8 weeks sick time/short term disability and 4-6 weeks PTO.

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