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I probably should already know this, but I don't, how does this work? Birthmom is planning on naming baby, I have zero problems with this, so a birth certificate is created I assume. We are planning on giving him our own name, incorporating what she has given him, and I assume a new birth certificate is created, but when? At finalization? What happens in the meantime, do we get a copy of something? How does that work with a social security card? What if we want to travel before finalization (flying)?

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  • I received the new BC after finalization. I made a copy of the old ones because in most cases they are sealed after finalization. I wanted a copy in case my children ever wanted one.

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  • We never got a copy of the original birth certificate.  Our adoption agency gave us some letters for the time between placement and finalization that we could take to the doctor/daycare etc. when we needed to show our foster guardianship for any sort of enrollment paperwork that needed to be done.

    We got a new birth certificate with our son's new adoptive name on it and our names a parents a few weeks after finalization.  We are still waiting on the SSN.  I had to take the new birth certificate, adoption decree, my ID and our insurance card with DS's name on it to the SS office to get a new SSN set up.  For tax purposes this year we had to get an adoption tax ID number from SS so we could claim DS as a dependent. 
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  • DD's bmom got the original BC. We got a new one at finalization when we could show the adoption decree. That's also when we got a SS card.

    I would ask your agency/lawyer how travel would work. You may just need a copy of placement paperwork

  • DD's original birth certificate was sealed with no copy going to B-Mom or us. After we finalized we received her birth certificate and ss card in the mail within a week.

    I am not sure about travel.

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