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Exercise already too exhausting?

I am normally very active and fit! Before getting pregnant I fretted on working out too hard and damaging the baby. Now I realize my fears were silly since 4 weeks (8 weeks now) I have not been able to exercise with nearly the same intensity or weight that I used to. Has anyone else experienced this so early on?

Re: Exercise already too exhausting?

  • zoegirlTX said:
    every single person is different in pregnancy.  Extreme fatigue is fairly common early on on in pregnancy.  Your energy levels will change throughout your pregnnacy- sometimes even day to day.  If you are tired, your body is telling you to rest- so just listen to it.  There will be days when you do have energy or maybe you need to try working out at a different time.
    This!  Train your best for THAT DAY, don't overdo and don't underdo your workouts.  So some days you don't load three plates on each side, no biggie, do what you can anyway!  The important thing is to stay active, even if that only means sitting on the bike with the machine saying "REALLY??? - you CAN pedal faster!" while reading a good book...
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  • I'm 21 weeks and don't get to the gym nearly as much as I'd like, I am only running 3-4mi at a time when I do run, my pace has slowed to 10min which is miserable, and I am very sore after running/leg workouts and it takes longer to recover.  It's part of pregnancy.  Listen to your body and do what you can.  Don't stress your body by pushing too hard.

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  • I felt the same way early on. There were a couple of weeks when I would get home from work and just crash. I'm not really a morning person, but I've found that if I get up early to get my workout in, I have a lot more energy. By the afternoon, I was (and sometimes still am) totally exhausted. There was about a 50/50 chance of me working out....on a good day. Early in the morning I have more energy and it just makes me feel good throughout the day. 
  • First tri was the hardest for me when it came to working out.  Your body is going through major changes and is adapting to new hormones.  I kept plugging through it, knowing that, for me, it would be a lot easier in second tri.

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