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Birth ball and other questions for VBACS

ginafunginafun member
Hi all, I'll be 37 weeks on Friday. I'm PG with out second. My first was an attempted natural birth in a hospital. However I went two weeks late, never effaced or dilated. No activity whatsoever. Ended up with a section. Last time I was active and walked but I also had no idea about birth ball exercises, chiropractic care and low deep squats. I've been using the birth ball everyday since about 32 weeks, as well as low deep squats and going to the chiropractor. I truly feel this baby sitting lower. I will probably get checked Friday and I'm hoping for any activity going on down there. My question is do any of you really believe the birth ball and low deep squats make a difference in engaging the baby and encouraging proper positioning? I know everything I've read says so, but have any of you experienced it? TIA!
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