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It is so quiet over here

I wish I had something funny to say but I don't, so I'm just gonna leave a few things here for you:


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Re: It is so quiet over here

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  • What do you all think of Harry's most recent concert attire?

  • Too tired to think, we're hitting some odd sleep regression, teething, devil baby stage. Harry looked good, per always. Though I've never been a fan of the headbands (that might be jealousy related)
    I know this stage. Also, the snacky nursing and hair pulling. Not fun.
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    Lilypie - (Xzno)
    Lilypie - (WIG0)
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  • jfresh said:

    I mostly love this picture, but I keep wanting to tell those people to leave him alone and let him eat his ice cream before it melts!

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