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Talk to me about woven wraps please?

I've got a new squish due in January, and I have got it cemented in my head that I am going to be a wrapper. (Not sure realistically how well this will turn out, but for now, I'm feeling confident!). But I am a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. Brands, materials, sizes, types of carry, etc. etc. Not to mention all the abbreviations on other forums and such, it's so much to take in, but I'm doing my best.

I THINK my top choices, judging from what I see most often, are: Didymos, Natibaby, Storchenwiege, Girasol, or Kokadi, with maybes on Hoppediz or Wrapsody.

Any personal experience with any of them, or information on anything else would be appreciated. I know I'm kind of being vague on what I'm asking, but I'd like to get a better feel about what's out there to choose from. Thanks!
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Re: Talk to me about woven wraps please?

  • I would suggest finding a baby wearing group locally that you can go try some of these wraps in person. They also usually have a lending library where you can borrow a wrap to take home and use for a few days.

    Woven wraps are really taste specific. What works for one doesn't always work for another.
    I'll try not to be snarky, because in most areas, this is a great suggestion, however, this is the advice I usually get, and there are no groups where I live. Very rural Northern NY, the closest populated-enough city that MIGHT have a group is over an hour away. Watertown is 2 hours away (which I've been told has a group). It's just not feasible.
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  • I have a post on my blog that might help: 

    My short answer would be go with a thinner all cotton wrap that you love the look of and that's in your price range.  One could get really bogged down in the differences in wraps but a thinner all cotton will serve any wrapper well and be easiest to learn with.  Those are all good brands.
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  • I just started wrapping a few weeks ago and have liked the Oscha's that my husband got for me. There are a couple Facebook groups that may help you out as well. There's a lot of good info available on the Babywearing 102 group and the Babywearing Swap is a great place for people to buy, sell and trade wraps. As that you're getting this for a new baby, I would almost recommend starting with a used wrap so it'll be nice and broken in for you. For the next baby I have, I really want to get either a silk or hemp blend ring sling because they seem to be the softest (although not the most supportive for heavy toddlers) and ring slings seem to work out awesome for new squishes! 
  • @ncbelle thank you for the link! SO much helpful information. I'm also on a few FB groups, too. :)
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  • Even better than FB groups is (TBW). It is the richest source of archived and current babywearing information and chatter out there. Best of all, because of the username/profiles you can see who is a long-time wearer and perhaps even has an educational cert versus who is pumped up about sharing the babywearing love but is just still really new at it. I enjoy 102 on FB, but I see a lot of well-meaning-but incorrect or incomplete advice and correction.

     Also, if the nearest group is just 1 hour away, or even 2, I think it will be worth your while to go at least once. Hands-on help is really a wonderful thing. I get people at my meetings who do come from that far away!

    From what you listed above, I think that Girasol are wonderful wraps to start with. The rainbow stripes and contrasting rails (on many) make it easier to see twists, the cost is accessible, and they break in easily. Storch Leo are popular suggestions for "only one wrap ever" users, and they are great, but I'm a bit dreamy over my Giras and Leos just don't hit me the same way. See, so much is about personal preference. But, with the options you listed, we're talking about nuance like Nike sneakers versus Adidas. People can get really into the nuances, but a solid tennis shoe is still a solid tennis shoe. If you feel overwhelmed, just remember that--in general-- a quality 100% cotton wrap is still a 100% cotton wrap. The comfort often comes from skill and not a magical product.

  • I have a size six didy iris. I got it because it was a killer deal and it's the only wrap I've ever owned. I think belles advice is great. Stick with cotton and pick a fabric you like.
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