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severe anxiety and panic attacks

I was gestational diabetic and had to do insulin therapy then I was constantly monitored my doctors left and right my OB and endocrinologist weekly.after awhile instated feeling like in auto pilot and not even pregnant.come my ninth month the panic attacks started and this fog came over me o didn't feel my self I was crying all the time and felt as if my equilibrium was off. They had to enduce me cuz my baby stoped growing and my placenta wasn't working. They had me I. At 38 weeks and the cervidil wasn't working then his heart rate slowed down and they had to do an emergency c section then my baby was born underweight and had to stay in nicu for 6 day. Since the. My anxiety and panic has increased all day long annd this fog comes over me. My baby is beautiful and hes 8 pounds now. But I feel like im going crazy my doctor put me on Zoloft im 6 days In and I panic over everything. I cry every day. Idk what to do.

Re: severe anxiety and panic attacks

  • Do you have a history of anxiety/panic attacks?  It usually takes at least a week before you begin to feel any effects of a new medication, so definitely hang in there.  But to me it seems like you would benefit from a medication specifically for high anxiety such as Alprazolam (Xanax).  I personally am taking one medication for my PPD (Prozac), and then a different one (Xanax) that I take on an as needed basis for my anxiety attacks.  You should talk to your doctor about it and see if he can prescribe you something that can help control your anxiety at this time since you're having such a hard time.   :(
    Feeling like you have no control over your emotions is awful, but it won't last forever so stay strong!
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  • Zoloft takes about 2 weeks to take full effect. Just know that you won't feel like this forever, it will pass even though it doesn't feel like it now. Be kind to yourself, you are not crazy. Deep breaths. Hang in there.
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  • I agree with the pp who said you would benefit from adding in a medication that will immediately calm you like Xanax or Klonopin since the Zoloft takes a while to really get into your system. I take klonopin, especially at night before bed because I was having panic attacks and it really has helped. I would definitely call your doctor. Hang in there!
  • One of my issues is anxiety. While we were trying out various meds for overall management of my anxiety, I had an as-needed medication on hand for the really bad times. I used Lorazepam (Ativan) but talk to your med management person about what may be a good fit for you.

    It took me a few tries of various meds to find the one that really helps reduce my overall anxiety level. I currently take Paroxetine (Paxil). (I also take a mood stabilizer for my Bipolar II management but the Paroxetine is the one that's helped enormously with my anxiety.)

    I hope you find the right med and support to help you. If you're currently getting your Zoloft prescribed by a GP or OB I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist or other psych med specialist (I see an ARNP), as they are more experienced and knowledgeable about psych meds and may be able to help you more extensively (and should be able to refer you to counselors if you would like to try some form of therapy).
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    I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder and have been off and on Effexor XR for years and it has help so so much! I do go off of it when I am pregnant and nursing for peace of mind but it totally helps with the foggy feeling you mention as well as the overall anxiety!
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