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You also see Dr. Pauli, correct? I really like him so far... however, the two times we have been to his office we had to wait over 40 minutes past our scheduled appt. time to be called to the back. I am not down with that... my time is far too valuable. Have you had long wait times? I'm hoping it was random...?

Secondly, how many shots did Carter get at his 2 month appt? I am totally dreading it... I detest shots and that thought of Elise getting so many puts a knot in my stomach. I'm a total weird-o & wimp when it comes to needles. Did they have multiple nurses so it was a quick thing? (My cousin's a pedi and his office will have 2 nurses give the shots at the same time so it goes quickly. Too bad he's in CT.)?

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  • Yes! I loathe the wait there. That is my only complaint. I know if you go early in the morning you won't have the same problem.

    His two month vaccinations went well... not as bad as expected. He cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep, when he woke up he was extra hungry. Dr. Pauli comes in and examined him and then one nurse came in and gave him the shots while I held him. It is done super quick. I had already given him Tylenol 45 minutes before we went in as was recommended at my last appointment. He was happy enough a few hours later to have his picture taken with Santa at my office and it was a good picture!

    Shockingly (insert sarcasm) Dr.Pauli's patients are given Looney Toons bandaids :)... For everyone else, Dr. Pauli seems obsessed with Looney Toons.  

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