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Fitness Check-in (June 9-15)

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Anyone else amazed at how soon their LOs will arrive?! Time for the wkly fitness goal round-up... (And if you can still do any sort of pull-ups, can I just say that you deserve some sort of award! Looking at you @JudyBlume14 and @mdarmetko)
What is your workout plan this week?
What's feeling good / not so good?
What are you looking forward to this week?
Have a great week everyone!
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Re: Fitness Check-in (June 9-15)

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    Sounds like everyone is doing a great job! You all are so motivating. :)

    Well yesterday I think I felt the baby for the first time! Eeekkk. I was so excited but no one was around to share that with so I'm sure I looked like a crazy spider monkey.

    Photo: Young black spider monkey

    Here is my week for fitness:

    M: 30 min run
    T:Yoga/light weights
    W:30 min run and weights
    Th:40 min elliptical and yoga
    F: 30 min run
    S/S: rest

    Everything feels great. My back still hurts a little but not too bad. I just have to remember to get up and move around at work. I'm sleeping better and my hip pain is starting to ease up. 

    I'm looking forward to my SO's parents coming to visit this weekend. I don't know what to call them...future inlaws? haha. They are very nice people and we always have fun when they're here. 

    @zoegirlTX - chin up! 2 miles is still good and swimming is a GREAT workout. I'm totally a runner and when ever I get in the pool it kicks my butt! I'm not a great swimmer either so that probably doesn't help but I'm getting ready to start incorporating swimming into my workouts. Maybe see if your running partner is willing to become your swimming partner. That might help keep you  motivated. :)

    @mdarmetko - you are killing it! I hope I'm still working out as hard as you when I'm that far along. Keep it up!

    @judyblume14 - I don't think I was able to do 3 pull ups before I got preggers. haha Great job! That would be great to have a small support group at the gym. I'm surrounded by 18-21 y.o.'s who are tiny (student rec center). Keep up the hard work and have fun at soaking up the sun at the beach this weekend!

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    ajhambajhamb member
    Glad to hear everyone is doing so well! Though oh-my-gosh, @JudyBlume14, your workouts seem so intense-- it's awesome that you are able to stick with them and just modify as needed. 

    My week, somewhat underway:

    M: 30 min elliptical, 100 squats
    T: 4 mi run
    W: yoga
    Th: traveling, probably rest day
    F: 3 mi hike
    Sa: 6 mi run
    Su: 3 mi walk (will be at college reunion!)

    Felt good on last weekend's 6 mi run (9:10 avg pace!), though still haven't ever had to work so hard to go so slow... But I'm still faster than my husband, so there's that! Really hoping I have a few more weeks of running before my center of gravity really starts tilting.

    Also, think I might need to start doing yoga headstands [assisted, obviously] more often to convince LO to flip. He is still breech!
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    Still running 25 miles a week --- pace has slowed A LOT and I'm incorporating more frequent walk breaks (4 min run, 1 min walk)... but I'm still running !






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    Hey ladies! Hope everyone's mid-week is going well! 
    I've had to start running around our city park because of all the bathroom breaks I need to take. It's .8 miles around it and has 2 bathrooms on either side of the park. Super convenient! It also makes my husband and mom feel at ease that if something were to go wrong, there's always someone around. 

    Mon- ran 3.25 miles in 32 minutes, I was so flippin' proud of myself I stopped on the way home for frozen yogurt! :) 
    Tue & Wed- out of town for work with basically no time to workout
    Th- walking 18 holes of golf and possibly running 3 miles 
    Fr- off day
    Sat- 4 miles
    Sun- not sure, maybe swimming?
    What's feeling good / not so good?
    I feel like my belly is growing by the hour and while it's not affecting my running (yet), sleep is getting harder and just making me more tired in general. I'm becoming more and more sore earlier and earlier in my mileage. 
    What are you looking forward to this week?
    My youngest brother (16) is playing in his high school golf regional tomorrow and I am taking the day off to go watch him! 
    Mr & Mrs 5/5/2012
    DH-28 Me-26
    Fur baby- Colt 
    Baby BOY due 9/24/2014


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    Hi ladies- late for me this week! So I will just recap.
    Mon- Fri: ran daily, from 5-6.7 miles each day. Did Bootcamp also on Mon and Fri mornings.
    Sat: 10.1 mile long run. Felt great!
    Sun: walk with DH and DS.

    I'm 37w5d, and ready for baby girl to arrive!! DS was born at 37+4, so she already feels "late" to me, haha.

    Mommy to R (8.23.11) and K (6.21.14).

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    I'm a fitness instructor, so I'm on a pretty regular schedule.  Monday of this week was Boot Camp, today is BODYPUMP, tomorrow Insanity, Thursday Step Aerobics and Friday Insanity again.  I just order PiYo and I'm SO excited to start that!
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